About Good Show

Good Show is a collaboration between Chicago based multimedia artists, Silent Hype and Vic Medina that aims to create opportunities for independent artists through the education of music business, artist development, live performances and marketing services.

                      Vic Medina                    Silent Hype                           


Good Show was founded in October of 2017 by Vic Medina and Silent Hype with the desire to offer DIY shows of industry quality with little to no budget. Both Vic and Silent Hype are alumni from Columbia College Chicago but didn't meet until they kept running into each other in the Logan Square DIY scene. After realizing they essentially needed a budget to offer all that they wanted to offer, they moved into the bar scene at the end of March 2018. With Silent Hype being a sound engineer and DJ, as well as having her own equipment and Vic having the skills and enough video equipment to make these shows happen, they went for it. However, they still needed a graphic designer so they added Mo Beats to the team. Mo created the original Good Show logo and edited their first month worth of videos. With Mo being an established multimedia artist, he quickly became booked with other projects so Good Show moved on to work with freelancers until Vic stepped in to make the flyers.

In June of 2018, Good Show began hosting a weekly Wednesday night event called Pong and Chicken at Tobacco Road. The night started off as just a social thing with great food and drink deals as well as a beer pong tournament until the bar got their PPA licenses in September. Then they added live music performances every week. 

In November of 2018 Good Show decided to take a break from hosting weekly shows in order to regroup as a collective and reconnect to the community. After reorganizing and a lot of planning, they are excited to present the launch of this website, merch store and new calendar of events!


Making their comeback in January 2020, Good Show booked Debonair with their first event for their Tastemakers series. The series continued the following month at the Cabaret Room, Subterranean's upstairs venue. In March, everyone was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing everyone to go back to the drawing board and consider social distancing regulations. In the meantime, Good Show has used their social media platforms to go LIVE and include other lifestyle values such as meditations, workouts, a podcast style brunch, and self care playlists.