Music Videos

Destiny De La Vega is certainly a talented up and coming artist from Chicago. Although relatively new to the local music scene, Destiny has consistently been teasing her IG followers with snippets of her melodic hip hop tunes, latin trap bops and R&B jams that are sure to have you feeling good and craving more! Destiny has been on such a roll writing songs, she’s not only been working on her own debut album, Heart Funeral, she’s also working on a collaborative album (Untitled) with fellow Chicagoan, LV AFO.


The dynamic duo just released a music video to their first single, Water Gun, on YouTube over the weekend. The track has a danceable melody accompanied with audacious lyrics that get you feeling some type of way. The video is cinematically shot boosting fun bright colors and neon lights perfectly matching the carefree and amusing vibes of the team. Check out the video for yourself and leave a comment letting the artists know your thoughts!